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04 February 2013 @ 01:52 pm
Morúa for Violet’s Box  

Last year I embarked on side project in order to offer something a little different.   I designed a range of corsets with Violet-Naylor Leyland for her boutiqu Violetsbox.com.  The corsets in this range are incredibly well made ready to wear corsets.  The overbust corsets have 24 bones (combination of spring steel and spiral)  and a heavy duty busk while the under bust corsets have 25 bones.  They each have a waist tape. This results in a sturdy, balanced and comfortably supportive garment.  The underbust is available in three styles while the overbust is available in four.

Florence Stairs
Photo by  Andrew Farrar  Modeled by Florence Brudenell-Bruce

More photos

The main fabrics for the corsets either coutil, cotton or silk depending on the style.  I'm particularly proud of the nude coutil over bust, which is a single layer of coutil as inspired by the antique corsets I've been studying. I've found that there is no room for error on a single layer corse a single layer *must* be cut perfectly on grain and stitched impeccably or it will easily twist or distort.   The under busts were another challenge as the stitched panel was tricky to stabilize and embroidered.


Even though this is a ready to wear range the corsets have details that make them incredibly unique, such as hand made detachable bows, silk bindings, and perfectly matched ribbon lacing.


Right now our sizes are limited to 20-26 but we hope to be able to expand in future, for more details on sizing please visit: http://www.violetsbox.com/corsets/about.html.   I understand hat ready to wear has it' limitations and that not everyone can wear them but they are a great choice if you do fit into the range.  If you like one of the corsets but it is not available in your size, please enquire as they have can be made to measure.

Many more photos at http://www.violetsbox.com or o Morua Designs facebook page