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05 July 2012 @ 10:39 am
Recent Morúa Shoots  
Recently I've been getting some of my work photographed. 

Here are the results. Apologies if you have seen this on my facebook page, but if you haven't there are a few more there! 



@Cecilia Fazacas

For these first three photography: Cecilia Fazacas
Model 1: Alice Dunn
Model 2: Lucy Lorraine Scarfe
Model 3: Edita Simutyte
Mua & Hair: Edita Simutyte  
Photo Assistant: Dimitris Amvrazis

@Dimitris Amvrazi

On this  one the photographer is: Dimitris Amvrazis

And finally this one is from another shoot. Hopefully I'll have a couple more from this one later on:

Credits for this one:

Model: Danielle McMahon

Hair: Yu Hair and MkUp

Make Up: Stephanie Jane

Photography: Ana Fromboii

Soriahsor_eye_ah on July 5th, 2012 11:52 am (UTC)
Great work! these are looking lovely, well done.
Pitufinapitufina on July 5th, 2012 01:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks lovely! Hope all is well on the island?
Soriahsor_eye_ah on July 7th, 2012 11:39 am (UTC)
All very... relaxing. Nice for the moment!
In Tenebris, aka Rubine LaCroixx_in_tenebris_x on July 6th, 2012 12:11 am (UTC)
Pitufinapitufina on July 13th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948mischiefmydear on July 10th, 2012 02:17 am (UTC)
So beautiful!
Pitufinapitufina on July 13th, 2012 03:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)